Spreading Unity Through Poetry ( Design by Antoine Lassiter)

Spreading Unity Through Poetry
( Design by Antoine Lassiter)

Spreading Unity Through Poetry is a movement that started in the heart of a poet. It has since spread to all genres and art forms and their supporters.

Mission Statement: The mission of (Spreading) Unity Through Poetry is to support all artists and genres alike. Providing a platform for promotion, support, and achievement through events, forums, workshops, purchases, and social interaction both on and offline in order to support fellow artists, events, businesses, and organizations within the arts.

This blog is a forum where all genres, artists, writers, businesses, organizations and events are welcome – it’s the support of all artists regardless of the genre. This includes, but is not limited to, promoting others, purchasing albums/ books/ or more, attending events & spreading the word to others to come out and support. We also work with other organizations, businesses and individuals to ensure that they as well are receiving the proper support for hosting and or supporting the arts/events.

We encourage you to spread the word. The original group was “Unity Through Poetry” on FB it is now “Spreading Unity Through Poetry. Also we have developed this new blog page “SpreadingUTP.wordpress.com” the original blog page was “unitythroughpoetry.wordpress.com”. Here you will find the archives of previous posts for SUTP Spotlights. We have moved  much of our works into the new format so people will have more access to the UTP community. We encourage you to email  links for your works/ events/ videos/ photos/ businesses any and all forms of promotion are welcome.

PLEASE RESPECT EACH OTHER! No DISRESPECTFUL posts will be allowed- including bashing of any sort.

“We will occasionally post photos to allow you to know some of the artists we’ve had the opportunity to support personally.” -LJHill

We ask that respect be given to any and all who are apart of Unity Through Poetry (UTP), Spreading Unity Through Poetry. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Love to all.


Email: unitythroughpoetry@gmail.com

FB: Spreading Unity Through Poetry

IG: @unitythroughpoetry

Twitter: @UnityThruPoetry


FB: Unity Through Poetry page

WordPress: unitythroughpoetry.wordpress.com

Unity Through Poetry

Unity Through Poetry

Leandrea " Luvleeh Poetiklocks" HillCreator/Founder of UTP

Leandrea ” Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill
Creator/Founder of UTP

I wish you much success. Together we can all reach our greatness.~

Spreading Unity Through Poetry
Peace, Love & Poetic Enlightenment

– Luvleeh Poetiklocks
~Creator of Unity Through Poetry~


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