SUTP Spotlight: Darlene Burns

Today’s SUTP Spotlight goes to Darlene Burns.
Darlene Burns, author of her new book “Midnight Comes with the Dawn” 
is Spreading UTP through the literary arts.
"Midnight Comes With The Dawn" by Darlene Burns.

“Midnight Comes With The Dawn” by Darlene Burns.

Darlene Burns grew up in Los Angeles, California. She attended L.A.Valley College to study Oceanography but realized her true passion lied in writing.

“I come from a family of talented women. So even though I put off my dreams of writing for my children, I challenged myself to become one of those women that I so admire.”

 My true passion is reading and researching all elements regarding the supernatural. I fell in love with the old movies featuring Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi. I hope that you enjoy this novel as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Darlene currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her partner.

Darlene Burns

Darlene Burns

ABOUT THE BOOK: Book Summary
“Women. Infected blood. Rotting corpses. Welcome to the world of Katrine Baten aka Midnight. She is one of the oldest existing Vampyirs and only surrounds herself with eye candy. But something is destroying not only her world, but the human world as well. Together with her lesbian coven by her side, she tries to seek a cure. And what she discovers may change the course of how she lives as a lesbian Vampyir forever!”

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