SUTP Spotlight: The Real Wudd

Today’s Hip Hop SUTP Spotlight is THE REAL WUDD!



HollyWudd, known by his supporters is born and raised in Charlotte NC, Wudd developed his love for music in the 5th grade.  Coming from two parents with musical backgrounds it was unsurprising that he enrolled in the musical arts program at Oaklawn Elementary. Wudd played bass violin all the way through high school. Along the way, he incorporated piano and tuba. Unfortunately after he graduate from Harding University Wudd could not continue in the performing arts because he wasn’t in college and did not have the money to buy his own instruments.
By way of chance Wudd was introduced to someone who would change his life forever. In the year 2006, He met the CEO of Famlord entertainment Shay aka the shady lady. She challenged him to explore his musical ability beyond what he knew when she said “try writing to this track.” He always had a talent with writing poetry so he gave it a try. That the first day of the rest of Wud’s life.
Wudd’s musical influences range from Outkast, Timberland and Magoo, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot and the list goes on. He respects any who dares to be different while still being true to themselves.
His musical style can be classified as “get up out your seat!” or “play this all night long!” “I know the ladies will have a lot of fun while listening to my music,” Wudd says “, but I got a little something for everybody as well. Overall everyone will have been off there seat by the end of my CD.”​


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