UTP Exclusive 5 in 5 Interview with Saddom Kross

Unity Through Poetry Interview with Hip Hop Artist/Rapper Saddom Kross.

This is a UTP Exclusive 5 in 5 phone interview with Cardinal Records own SADDOM KROSS  who will be performing LIVE 6.16.13 @ Sunday Sound Sensations at Ultra Lounge 2815 Crisman Ave Charlotte, NC. $5.00 Gen. Admission.

5 questions in “5” minutes… And UTP found out that Kross is definitely one unique individual who has a passion for his music and his fans. It was a very short but filling conversation with a talented artist.

UTP:  What is your inspiration behind your name and music?

Kross: Kross makes it to the top no matter what. Saddom comes from Saddam the previous President of Iraq. He runs things…Taliban ties to Saddam. (This is the drive behind his music.)

UTP: What are your current projects?

Kross: I’m pushing my mixtape “American Pitbull Terror” and as for my album “Terrorize” I’m still working on it.
(He’s excited about the concert and confirmed he’s doing tracks from both the mixtape and the album!!!! You do not want to miss this concert!!!)

UTP: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Kross: I’m doing the same thing on a bigger scale. Concerts, Mass Media coverage-SUCCESS!!!

UTP: What makes Saddom Kross different from the rest?

Kross: I try to be realistic. I try to get fans involved. (pause) -Unique!-Versitility!
(This is the key to standing out!)

UTP: What is one message you would like to give to upcoming artists who want to follow in your footsteps?

Kross: Keep doing what you love no matter what. It’s what I do. Try to make the next song better. Don’t get too caught up in trends/fads.

To connect with Saddom Kross
Follow him on Twitter @Taliban57
Facebook: Saddom Kross
Reverb: Reverbnation.com/Kross
Youtube: DKross357

At the conclusion of the UTP interview with Saddom Kross he made sure to leave us with his signature call…

Be sure to follow up with Saddom Kross as he hits the stage this weekend live at Sunday Sound Sensations. Unity Through Poetry supports this amazing artist!
Keep Spreading UTP!!


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