EXCLUSIVE 5 In 5: UTP Interview With Artist “TRUE”

True Interview with U.T.P.


Unity Through Poetry had the privilege to do a 5 in 5 interview with the CASH POT WINNER of June’s Cash Pot Competition at Sunday Sound Sensations at the Ultra Lounge in Charlotte, NC.



Born and raised in the Queen City- Charlotte, NC, this South Side Nations Ford / Archdale Dr aka EXIT 4, Indie Artist is no stranger to the mic! He has been rapping since he was 11/12 -nearly ten years in the business.He is the creator of the No Parking movement where there is “no stopping, keep driving”… in his drive towards success in this business. Check out the exclusive below with Unity Through Poetry and the 5 in 5 with True.


UTP: What is your inspiration behind your name and music?

True: Inspiration… Society inspired TRUE… No one keeps it real anymore.  My music is conscious and fun. I like to know what’s going on but have fun in my music.

UTP: What are your current projects?

True: Finding a single that everyone is feeling so shoot video and hit Worldstar. (In reference to WorldStarHipHop.com)

He also mentioned he is working on some local shows here in Charlotte but is stillworking some details out on event information. 

UTP: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

True: Extremely Successful but still working hard as if I didn’t have anything.

UTP: What makes True different from the rest?

True: My work ethic and the fact that I don’t hate. I work hard; I support hard work. I never sit down for other artists. I give what I expect… That’s the definition of integrity: when you do something and not expecting anything back. So, Nothing is wanted from it.

UTP: Do you have any advice for any up and coming artists like yourself?

True: Live life on the edge and try not to fall off. Take risks.


Be sure to come out and see TRUE LIVE in CONCERT on SUNDAY JULY 28th, 2013 at Sunday Sound Sensations!!!

Location @ The Ultra Lounge 2815 Crisman St. Charlotte, NC!

$5.00 Entry 6pm Doors Open

$10 VIP.

Contact TRUE for bookings and more!

Facebook: Anthony True Frazier

Twitter: @TheOFFICIALTrue

Instagram: Exit4YNGM

Reverbnation: “No Parking”

Youtube: “NoParkingEver”

Website: NoParkingever.com

Mixtape on datpiff: “NoParkingEver”

Below: Live @ Ultra Lounge~ the CASH POT COMPETITION Performance winning him the LIVE CONCERT!!!!!


This is a UTP Approved Post!


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