Cardinal Records has become an affiliate of  Unity Through Poetry (Spreading Unity Through Poetry) . They have taken by storm the music industry and given back to the people a sound like no other… It’s authentic and pure and this is what Spreading UTP is about. Supporting the arts and those who deliver quality!  They have an array of  artists that bring heat to the stage as well as their tracks. You can visit the website for label opportunities and more. Just  brief highlight: CARDINAL RECORDS LLC. is a successful Recording Label  located in Charlotte.  They represent new and fresh talent that meet the needs of our culture in many different industries. their roster currently includes talent predominantly from Charlotte and the surrounding areas.


Below is message from Jimmy G & J. Willow of Cardinal Records. Be sure to like all their pages and links on Facebook, Reverbnation and their website. 


Facebook: Where you can download free Mp3’s!!!!!



Cardinal logo copy


Urgent message: To the entire world.

Your need and desire to enjoy brand new top quality music, by brand new top quality acts -has not gone unnoticed. Yes, we also are so tired of hearing the same 3 or 4 popular artist all the time; singing the same old songs- all the time. It’s so bad, that some of you have started to dig deep into the archives of your minds; trying to remember when was the last time that you had a new and refreshing musical experience. Some of you are starting to post up long dead and forgotten artist to satisfy your needs and desires for good music. It appears that the very few popular artist that are out there, either don’t care what they deliver to you or are not capable of delivering anything fresh. Why should they care?- since you’re willing to pay for what they serve; why not serve you what they want to? Well take notice; the artists and producers at Cardinal Records realize your needs and desires! We, here at Cardinal Records, have gone into hyper drive to deliver the new world order of musical and lyrical entertainment for your various listening pleasure. So, check out Facebook, Reverbnation, WGIV 103.3 FM, CD baby (most digital download sites )and the Cardinal Records pages. Please look for the Cardinal Records crest. (Shown below.) We deliver what the artist, music lover and business desire… We are putting real music back into the mainstream in full force! 


Jimmy G.
Cardinal Records

Cardinal Offers at this time:

Only Exclusive recording facilities for it’s artists. (In-House mixing and Mastering)
3yr.,Single Album and Single Song Contracts
Online Commercials for Independent Businesses (Free 1st Four commercials for Local Businesses)
We Support Local!!!!
For Artist Show Packages contact Jimmy G. -704-345-8625 or J.Willow -704-315-7379





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