SUTP Spotlight: Exclusive UTP 5 in 5 Interview with Deon St James

Unity Through Poetry Interview with Deon St. James


Unity Through Poetry (Spreading UTP) got the exclusive 5 in 5 interview with the MAN Who’s Voice is as angelic as his passion for the arts!


                Deon St. James is a multitalented renaissance man indeed! With a detailed background as a Fashion Designer, Dress Maker, Musician, Educator, Music & Fashion Consultant AND Event Producer- it’s no wonder he stands out as A DYNAMIC VOCALIST!! He was born August 17th, 1983 as a Charlotte Native. He attended Northwest School of The Arts; which clearly made this motivated individual to become the artist he is today! Through his experiences and observing a “need” within certain areas- he finds that he likes being the INITIATOR. Well there is NO denying that Deon St James is indeed an initiator with his OWN genre of music- “Neo-Pop-Gospel & B”. I couldn’t help but be tickled that even his style of music is as creative as he is artistically!!


Check out the exclusive below with Luvleeh Poetiklocks of UTP and the 5 in 5 with Deon St. James.


UTP: What is your inspiration behind your music?

Deon: My inspiration behind my music is that I’m an emotional creation. I’m emotionally involved; if I’m feeling good, sad… (etc)- I have a song in my head.


UTP: What are your current projects?

Deon: My current project is my HIGHLY ANTICIPATED “DSJ” Album, which features a lot of work from the past 2 years. It’ll be available for release in Spring 2014/ Summer 2014. The other project I have coming up is my Birthday Concert August 18th, 2013 (at Sunday Sound Sensations). It is my return to stage in almost a year and half. Covering ALL original music- This Concert will showcase all of my own writings.


UTP: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Deon: In five years I see myself as an artist- TOURING again. Being in a place where I am being called out and requested. Featured in shows- It is my Validation for my artists that come through all my shows… like Sunday Sound Sensations. I can speak from experience. This way the artists can see I too have gone through what it is they are experiencing.


UTP: What makes Deon St. James different from the rest?

Deon: I’m not afraid to try. (pause) I’m an artist at best. Not afraid to try different styles, techniques, whatever I feel my abilities will allow me to do… Things that make it necessary for an artist to grow. And I don’t give up to quick. I’m NOT afraid to TRY!


UTP: Do you have any advice for any up and coming artists like yourself?

Deon: My advice would be ask yourself -what would you do, say, write if you weren’t afraid? Who would you contact? Once you do this- you will get an authentic picture of who you will attract. It answers who you will be doing this for.  Also – Check out Sunday Sound Sensations.


                Every SUNDAY at Sunday Sound Sensations at the Ultra Lounge in Charlotte, NC becomes an avenue of explosive talent that is spear headed by this mastermind vocalist I had the honor to interview. Deon had such a passionate response to each of his 5 in 5 interview questions that it was so hard to hang up. He truly is a joy as an artist, as he is an individual. He has opened my eyes AND ears to a new style of music that captivates the listener with an essence of greatness! HE is the future of music- a blend of quality and talent mixed with determination and hard work. He is a pure example of Success-  so be sure to support him by Spreading Unity Through Poetry with a like, a listen, a comment or a visit… (to Sunday Sound Sensations of course). August 18th, 2013 is his day to shine- in his words
“I just want to party with you. Sing. Rap. Limerick. Dance…it doesn’t matter! Just bring a smile, your voice, your dancing pants, and your happy-feet shoes!” If you would like to contact Deon more directly OR get more information on his music and upcoming events see the pages below.



Contact Deon St. James for bookings and more!


Facebook: Deon St. James

Twitter: @DeonStJames

Instagram: @deonstjames

Youtube: Deon St. James



This is UTP approved SUTP Spotlight!


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