Only You Can Change The Station

Music is the melody to the soul…

Patricia Marie

So I’ve began to realize how much my guitar relaxes me. Even if I just strum for a few minutes the vibration has the ability to ring through my body. It either calms me down or gives me a little extra joy for the moment.

I’ve pretty much mastered four cords: d, c minor, and g. Now I’m learning strum patterns. I guess that would be considered the timing/speed of how you strum the strings. 

 The very first pattern I began to play was sad and kinda depressing. Because that’s all I knew how to play. But then, something told me to pick it up and try again. I strum faster, made the stings sound more exciting and happy… And it happened. I found another strum pattern. A happy one.

The point of this message is to say that we only play the songs in our life that have become…

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