SUTP Spotlight: Poet, Writer & Blogger- Tai Gooden

Meet Tai!

Meet Tai!

Our SUTP Spotlight is on Tai Gooden.  She’s a freelance writer and published poet. Her first poetry book, Amour Rising, was published in April 2014.  It is available through Createspace.  (***pause take a moment to shop***). She maintains a personal blog and has written for Her personal blog,, focuses on love, celebrities, relationships, music, and inspirational material. As a published poet, freelance writer, and blogger- she has had the privilege to connect to the world through words!   In doing so, she most recently featured on a HuffPost Live segment about mental health stigmas in the Black community and the untimely passing of Karyn Washington. She is very passionate about poetry and would like to share her poetry with others as well as hear poetry from great poets! (Don’t we love that here at Spreading Unity Through Poetry~)
Tai so kindly shared a poem with us here at Unity Through Poetry ( Spreading UTP). See below or click link: Black Girl Genes

Black Girl Genes

I don’t have

A face like


And my hair

Doesn’t cascade like


I love those famous girls

Living their dreams

But they make it so hard

For my beauty to be seen.

Black boys don’t like me

They don’t wanna wife me

And it’s more than likely

Cause I’m twiggy

My hair is wiry

My nose spreads widely

My skin’s like Hershey’s

I need some mixed genes

I need to fill out my jeans

To satisfy the beauty queen fiends.

**Actually, I don’t…


For more information on our SUTP Spotlight contact:
Tai Gooden
Freelance Writer| Author| Blogger
Twitter: @TaiGooden
*This post is approved and supported by Unity Through Poetry movement and its affiliates.  Be sure to keep Spreading Unity Through Poetry by supporting this writer!~*

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