SWIP Poetry Founder Yah Ammi

 SUTP Spotlight is on Yah Ammi Founder of SWIP POETRY CHAPTER of St. Louis!Swip Poetry

        This organization does more than support poetry and writers. This organization publishes works, feeds communities and is an advocate for Stop The Violence campaigns. They host their own Stop The Violence Mixtape where artists worldwide can submit. Most recently SWIP is collecting written works for a Stop The Violence Anthology. Please note: SWIP Poetry Chapter is still accepting submissions to their, “Stop The Violence Anthology” publication. Pre-order your prestigious keepsake copy of their 1st annual, “Stop The Violence Anthology” today!!!! This healing collective anthology of poetry, short stories and inspiration is a world-wide effort to our world peace initiative. They have extended their entry deadline to May 23, 2014. Don’t miss your publishing opportunity! (FREE Entry: Limited time offer!)

          It does not matter what state you live in you are asked to please submit today. Have you been affected by violence? Or know anyone that has been? They want to hear your story.Please message them on Facebook, send an email, or inquire about setting up an interview to discuss the violence in your community!!!

For more information on how you and your child can be more involved & informed!!!

Call 314-375-6574 Or Email:

Follow them on Facebook: SWIP POETRY CHAPTER


Follow  them:@swippoetry 

Be sure to check out Yah Ammi’s SUTP Spotlight in our cover pic on Facebook during the month of May 2014!  Be sure to like his page. You will also find the application for the Stop The Violence Anthology below. Be sure to read, fill out and return the information by the submission date. SWIP Entry Form

 Here is the SWIP Poetry Stop The Violence Entry Form for all those interested in submitting. This is a worldwide effort to stop the violence in communities worldwide. Feel free to be apart of it. For more information check the cover pic and friend Swip Poetry Chapter and join the SWIP POETRY CHAPTER page. #SpreadingUTP


Stop The Violence Vol.2


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