New UTP Affiliate: Transcendental Expressions



Meet our newest affiliate:
Transcendental Expressions

A little about this great company & the services they offer- springing out of upstate NY owned and operated by Myael Simpkins.

1) Creative Writing Services
a) Ghost Writer
b) Speech Writer
c) Writing Workshops
d) Spoken Word Poet

2) Creative Music services
a) Music Production
b) Live Performance
c) Composer of Innovative music (for other videos and artists)

3) Creative Art Solution
a) Logo/Banner Design
b) Poster Design
c) Photo Moding
d) Original Art Creator

4) Costume Designer
a) Cosplay Designer
b) Halloween Designer

Spreading Unity Through Poetry (UTP/SUTP) is proud to have Myael and his small business/services on board. They come with a variety of talents and services anyone can enjoy. We have had the privilege to work with him within the past 5-7 years. As an artist he excells as a musician and a writer, as a business man he supports and uplifts his community- we are grateful to have you join the team!



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